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    Issues: Ajax4jsf Tomahawk ADF Faces.

    Francisco José Fuentes Rodríguez Newbie

      Hello everyone...
      I'm evaluating for the project I'm working for the use of Ajax4jsf with JSF. We also need Tomahawk and ADF Faces (we work with jdeveloper, not with Trinidad) in the project (and Tiles: yes, sounds like a nightmare).
      What I need now, and that's why I'm writing this, a clear idea of what could be the real issues that we could find around ajax4jsf. I've found that sometimes the javascript generated by Tomahawk could clash with the Ajax4jsf one, also the same for ADF Faces. Also there is an intriguing issue about the render kit of ADF Faces and the [possibly] clash with the Ajax4jsf filter: I mean intriguing because I've found nothing about, even is working good for me out of the box, but my mind keep saying that maybe sometimes this could fail.

      Please somebody could point me some article or something (well, your own experience should be very helpful also :-)) about this thing?

      Thanks for reading my [maybe sometimes] poor english.
      Thanks for the rest, also...


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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          We haven't checked ADF compatibility for a long time since it was moved to Trinidad. This compatibility will not be kept, unlike the compatibility with Trinidad.

          May be other users may get some their experience but this is an old question I think.

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            Luka Surija Newbie

            I've had too much problems runing ajax4jsf and trinidad (it crash if you have convertXXX inside inputText) using ajax submit, so after 1 month of playing I've quit using ajax4jsf. It was a version 1.0.1, but maybe something changed in meantime. I hope so because it will be a killer combination.

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              Ilya Shaikovsky Master

              Since the 1.0.1 the seven versions was built. And in the releases was many fixes for the different compatibilities questions. So try ajax4jsf 1.1.1 SNAPSHOT to explore all the fixes we've made :)

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                Francisco José Fuentes Rodríguez Newbie

                So I could get one thing sure:
                -There will be problems with the integration of Ajax4jsf and ADF Faces that maybe, maybe not, would be resolved with recent versions of Ajax4jsf (because the integration issues are Trinidad related). Btw, we use ADF Faces beacause they are inside JDeveloper and the version number keep syncroniced with the JDeveloper version, so it looks that Oracle keep working in the ADF Faces, does anybody knows something about this?.

                But the other hand of the question, the Tomahawk one... I've read that the jscookmenu could break ajax4jsf because it writes directly to the page (document.write) instead of handle the DOM tree. Anybody? I made some tests, but I'm not sure: sometimes works, other not (haven't code ready to show you). This menu it's what we need, and it needs some specific hidden field that the ADF Faces render kit breaks. Could be some problem with this using only Ajax4jsf and Tomahawk?.

                Thanks again...


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                  Sergey Smirnov Master

                  As soon as I am not a JDeveloper's user, I cannot say something particular about the version of ADF Faces there.
                  Trinidad, this a clone of ADF Faces EA21 (if I remember the latest official EA correctly) came though the transformation (aka refactoring) and, unfortunately, lost ADF Faces' gloss almost. Sometimes ago, the first release of Trinidad was announced. This event was not too much recognizable like it might be previously.
                  Trinidad and Tomahawk are two different libraries. So, I am not quite understand why you ask about compatibility Ajax4jsf and Tomahawk speaking about ADF Faces. As best I know, people use Tomahawk component along with Ajax4jsf. Some of them are Ajax-enabled, some of them are not. So, if you have particular issues of compatibility, ask about those particular cases.

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                    Francisco José Fuentes Rodríguez Newbie

                    Sorry if my posts are a little confusing, sure the fact I'm not english born made my writings strange...

                    Here, in my project, we need both libraries working together with ajax4jsf, ADF Faces and Tomahawk, so this is why I'm asking about the issues of ajax4jsf with ADF Faces AND ajax4jsf with Tomahawk, keeping the big question [will the three work well together?] for myself and the futures tests we'll do.

                    My post are only asking for well known problems when you try to put together both pairs (a4j and t, a4j and adf) at work, that's why I asked before about experiences, something like: "We put X control of tomahawk inside a a4j form and we must write something in the faces-config, but I can't remember". This way I know that we must have care about this control or the other one, this library or the other one.

                    Just I said before, the post of ilya_shaikovsky was helpful in the way it says that we can expect some problems in the integration of ADF Faces [even if the issues were about Trinidad] and Ajax4jsf and worth read the release notes of the versions ilya said (or whatever you had writen the changes done). That's the only thing I'm looking for and that's enough now. Thanks.

                    About problems with specific controls, when we start making real tests, sure I'll come back if we found something...

                    Thank you again for your patience and reading.


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                      Thai Dang Vu Apprentice

                      I'm having trouble using Tomahawk 1.1.5 snapshot inputCalendar with this combination (java 6 + tomcat 6 + aja4jsf 1.1.1 snapshot + richfaces 3.0.1 snapshot + facelets 1.1.12). I built a xhtml page using core JSF components and t:inputCalendar from Tomahawk, but the calendar isn't displayed correctly.

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                        Ilya Shaikovsky Master

                        Sorry but I'm do not understand what wrong here.. :/ And is it works without ajax4jsf/RichFaces as you expect?

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                          Thai Dang Vu Apprentice

                          I haven't tried it without a4j / rich. It's wrong at the gray column between Wk and Sun. And it's also wrong at the Sat column (it's empty).