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    JSP Include Tag

    Steve Lewis Newbie

      The param "name" tag on a JSP include will not resolve variable values. I might be making a mistake. Please advise.

      Will not pass the param names to Request object:

      <jsp:include page="/jsp/SSLOVLookup.jsp">
      <jsp:param name="<%=SSKey.LOV_EVENT%>" value="<%=DISPLAY.getLOVEvent()%>"/>
      <jsp:param name="<%=SSKey.RESPONSE_EVENT%>" value="<%=DISPLAY.getResponseEvent()%>"/>

      If I take out the dynamic param name values it works:

      <jsp:include page="/jsp/SSLOVLookup.jsp">
      <jsp:param name="LOV_EVENT" value="<%=DISPLAY.getLOVEvent()%>"/>
      <jsp:param name="RESPONSE_EVENT" value="<%=DISPLAY.getResponseEvent()%>"/>

      Thanks for looking into....