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    JBoss/Tomcat not serving HTML

    mls3 Newbie

      I can not get JBOSS with embeded Tomcat to serve HTML files. No problems serving JSP. I have tried plcaing them in a WAR and also unarchived. Any suggetions would be greatly appreciated.

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          kenevel Newbie

          Did you get this to work? We're trying to get JBoss (over Tomcat) to server static content from a root context. We're hoping to avoid having to put Apache over the top!


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            Jon Barnett Master

            There should be no issues with deploying static content as long as it is in a WAR. See the FAQ on changes to JBoss 3.2.0 for information on deploying a root context WAR for embedded Tomcat and Jetty servers. Also note that when there is a lot of static content to be served compared to dynamic content, a front-end Apache web server, IIS, etc is going to be better performance wise as the native code web server will handle static file access much faster. YMMV.