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    Jasper comiles slow on linux

    Thomas Diesler Master

      Hi all,

      I experience a big jasper performance problem when I run JBoss-3.2.1 on linux.

      It takes up to >10s when I hit a page for the first time.
      Sorry to say, but on win2k / XP this is not a problem.

      Any ideas?

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          Jon Barnett Master

          Are there resource constraints? You haven't given much information to diagnose the problem.
          1) What specific OS distribution?
          2) What JDK/JRE for JBoss?
          3) What processor, speed and memory?
          4) What configuration instance of JBoss (including servlet container)?
          5) What compiler for Jasper?
          6) What is the RSS and shared memory for the runtime instance?
          7) What specific JAVA_OPTS?

          This will help the folks offer comments or suggestions.

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            Thomas Diesler Master

            Sorry, my fault

            1) RedHat quite old > 2 years
            2) JDK 1.3.1_07-b02
            3) 512MB 800MHz
            4-7) out of the box JBoss-3.2.1 default

            I tried it on a new Suse as well - same problem.
            So I thought it must be common enought for people to know about.