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    Deploying EAR/WAR files into jboss/jetty

    Kevin Newbie

      Hey all,

      I am trying to migrate my Orion application deployment over to JBoss/Jetty. First off, it was the old Orion, so my app was Servlet 2.1 compliant. I found out a LOT has changed in the Servlet 2.3 spec in regards to web.xml and the .tld files to taglibs!

      Anyway, we have an odd issue. We have the "live" site and a public admin site. The live site always defaults to the root dir so that www.xxx.com goes to the live .war deployment. However, www.xxx.com/admin should access our admin site. BUT, before this looks easy let me explain the problem. Our admin site works on 3 different "types" of media (radio, tv, and cable). ALL 3 are exactly the same with the exception of some servlet code that determines based on the context path if the user is in radio, tv or cable. Thus, we keep a session attribute indiciating the users preferred media type they are logged in to. Using this, in our code we can run specific stuff based on the selected media type.

      Now, with Orion, I was able to deploy the admin.war file one time, but specify 3 separate web apps, so that each had their own web context and could not cross one another. Thus, the radio, tv and cable admin sites appeared to be separate. Basically, in a specific Orion web deployment file I would specify the 3 apps, all pointing to the admin.war file and they would be accessed via the /admin/radio, /admin/tv, and /admin/cable. I would actually see it "deploy" the 3 sites as each was accessed.

      I am wondering if this can be done with JBoss/Jetty? Is there a way I can specfically request that www.xxx.com/admin/radio runs the radio admin site using the same "shared" admin.war pages and servlet code, yet in its own "classloaded" context separate from /admin/cable and /admin/tv.

      I really don't want to separate the admin.war into 3 separate files. While I could easily do this in the build script, and that isn't a big deal, I don't want to maintain 3 separate code bases for each.

      Thanks for any help.