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    Incomplete Server-Response

    Gerhard Stürmer Newbie


      I have following problem (JBoss 3.0.1 + 3.0.3):

      If there are more than 5 Users who wants to work with my webapp(JSP+Servlets) at the same time it seems that JBoss doesn't send back the whole response. Sometimes the Stylesheet is missing, somtimes the Scriptfile (scripts.js) and somtimes even no response comes to the client.

      I already tried to increase the number of processors for the HttpConnector (up to max 999) in the tomcat4-service.xml. Experiments with the connectionTimeout also has no positve effects.

      The period of time until the problems occur is always different (from 5min to 1h) but if it starts everything is over.

      Does anybody know if there is a configuration option that limits the requests or whats going on?

      Thanks Peda