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    how to start httpd of jboss (last version) HTTPD?

    Masoud Kalali Newbie

      I have download latest version of jboss+tomcat
      how i can use its httpd server?
      if jboss+jetty has http server?
      how i can make them active?

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          Jon Barnett Master

          Both Jetty and Tomcat are full servlet containers, capable of serving HTTP content. WAR files, the standard archive for web applications can contain both static and dynamic content.

          Running the default instances of the JBoss-Jetty or JBoss-Tomcat bundles will automatically start the servlet container services and content will be served from port 8080 (unless the configuration is modified). Read the JBoss documentation and the FAQs for more information.

          Bundle your content into a WAR file or directory and place it in the deploy directory of your JBoss distribution - server/default/deploy usually.

          Read up on Jetty and Tomcat at the respective sites, http://jetty.mortbay.org and http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat for more information on these servlet containers.

          Hope that gets you started.