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    simple 'virtual host' does not work...

    hgarrett Newbie

      I already post this same message on Beginners corner but somehow it looks this is the place for it.
      So i will post it here too. Perhaps someone can aswer this...

      I have JBoss 3.2.2RC1 and all works fine.

      My web application is sandy.war and it is well
      deployed. I can access to it on http://localhost/sandy/index.jsp

      Then i read everything here about virtual-host and
      included on WEB-INF dir of my sandy app. a
      jboss-web.xml file in wich i wrote these lines:


      i restarted JBoss Server and there seems everything is okay, yet now i cannot access to my app.

      http://www.sandy.dev does not work at all.

      http://localhost/sandy/index.jsp does not exist any more...

      What is happening here? Is this a problem of DNS routing? I have Win XP PRO and IIS is turned OFF.

      ...i really need help from someone here... ;(

      thanx anyway.