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    inputText inside a datatable does not get re-rendered

    Jorge Cardozo Newbie

      I have a datatable where some fields can be editable depending on the row selection. For example, the comment?s field is editable only for the selected row. Everything works great, except when the information is automatically refreshed.

      <t:dataTable id="userList" value="#{myBean.employeeList}" var="user">
       <f:facet name="header">
       <t:outputText value="Comments" />
       <t:inputText id="comment"
       <a4j:support actionListener="#{myBean.processCommentChange}"
       event="onchange" reRender="userList">
       <f:param name="userId" value="#{user.id}" />
       <t:outputText value="#{user.comment}"
       rendered="${myBean.selectedUser}" >
      <a4j:poll interval="30000" reRender="userList"
       actionListener="#{myBean.pollAction}" />

      The problem is when my table is re-rendered, the inputText field with the attribute rendered=true (e.i. the comment field that is selected) does not get refreshed. Everything else gets re-rendered correctly. I even tried specifying the comment field to be re-render. E.g.

      <a4j:poll interval="30000" reRender="userList,comment"
       actionListener="#{myBean.pollAction}" />

      I am using ajax4jsf 1.1.0 and richfaces 3.0.0