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    jasper not generating correct java code for jsp pages

    Steve Stallion Newbie

      noticing some very odd behavior with jasper (moving code from resin 2x over to jetty4 with jboss-3.2.1):

      in a nutshell, jasper is generating bogus java source. if you look in the actual source of the jsp page being compiled.

      c&p -------------------->

      if (_jspx_eval_pz_div_1 != javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.Tag.SKIP_BODY) {
      if (_jspx_eval_pz_div_1 != javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.Tag.EVAL_BODY_INCLUDE) {
      javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.BodyContent _bc = pageContext.pushBody();
      out = _bc;
      do {


      obviously the problem comes from the incomplete do while on the second to last line. it should be noted this code is in reference to a tag named pz:div. the tld is correct (its being used on other containers as we speak).

      it would seem that jasper is puking on the bodycontent block (re: tag lifecycle).

      thanks in advance!


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          dvasaturo Newbie

          Have you been able to find a workaround to this problem? I too am seeing strange behavior with jasper. I have just ported a web application from WebLogic 8.1 to JBoss 3.2.1/Jetty. I have a few JSP pages that use custom tags. In a few cases, the doStartTag() returns SKIP_BODY but the body of the tag is NOT skipped - it is processed - and so the page contains html it should not.

          I am wondering if this is a problem with Jasper2 as these custom tags work fine with the WebLogic implementation.

          Any ideas would be helpful.