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    Tomcat Manager application

    Ted Slusser Newbie

      Hello, I would like to use tomcat's manager application but it is not included with the jboss-tomcat integration. I tried creating a war file from the manager dir in the tomcat distribution but apparently not all classes that come with tomcat are distributed with jboss-tomcat. Has anyone been able to make this work?


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          Frank Villarreal Newbie

          +1 I'm having the same problem. Has anyone else out there encountered this?

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            Jon Barnett Master

            You'd need to get the source for the manager application and modify it. Because of the overlap in functionality in some areas, and master control issues in other areas, the embedded Tomcat has missing functionality that the Tomcat management console either checks or accesses. I haven't heard of any announcements indicating work in the area. It may be possible, but I think the main JBoss work either now or in the future will be on functionality in the JBoss management application - jmx-console. Check at the JBoss SourceForge site I guess.