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    Using older version of WEB-INF/lib jars

    tomislavr Newbie


      Anyone have any solution/explanation to the problem that jboss 3.2.1/tomcat 4.1.24 is always using some old version of jar from WEB-INF/lib directory.

      For example, I am using some class named SClass from WEB-INF/jar, but updating that jar is not changing the way SClass executes (always seems to be old version), but when I change it's name, and just name to, say, SClass1 everything goes refreshed OK.

      Reverting the name to SClass and refreshing jar reverts to old behaviour..

      In short, updating jars in that dir does not work in my case. I've checked everything I could check and that is my conclusion - something is cached. Same thing with the newest jboss/jetty.

      Thanx for our help..