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    Can't send contentLength Header to client;(

    hgarrett Newbie

      Hi everyone.
      Like the subject says i'm having problems in getting my JBoss_Jetty_Server 3.2 sending the content-length
      of a specific JSP page when requested by the client.

      I need to get that content-length in order to process its loading size on client machine. I searched many websites and i can't still figure out if this is a JSP
      problem or a JBoss (web.xml) bad configuration...

      My JSP starts like this, so no Content-length is defined here.

      <%@ page language= "java" import = "java.sql.*" contentType="text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1" %>

      Since the content-length depends on specific parameters it should not be defined as a unique
      Please help me if you can. Anyway thanx to all here.!