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    How to change Jetty temp dir

    Gustavo Comba Newbie


      I'm pretty new to JBoss/Jetty and I having a strange problem with the path Jetty is using for unpack the WARs.

      I'm using XSL templates for HTML generation, and of course I'm using XSL elements like this:

      <xsl:include href="errores.xsl"/>

      But, when Xalan is trying to "parse" the file, Jetty (possibly) is sending the location of the "exploded" file. I'm running JBoss on a Windows box (just for the moment) and my "windows temp dir" contains international characters (as I'm a spanish user). When Jetty sends the file path to Xalan, it contains some "strange characters" and Xalan refuses the path telling me "malformed url".

      What I'm trying to do to resolve this enoying problem (just think about my "url" is just "errores.xsl") is to change the Jetty "temp dir" to other location without international characters...

      Another solution should be moving JBoss/Jetty to a Linux box, but seems too much for this little problem, isn't.

      I'm still searching and serching inside JBoss and Jetty forums. If somebody knows the answer, please help me!

      Thanks in advance,

      Gustavo Comba