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    Tomcat webserver for JBoss 4...

    safx Newbie

      I understand that Tomcat comes packaged with JBoss 4, but is it possible to run Tomcat standalone as a strict JSP/Servlet engine, and JBoss app server on an entirely different server?

      Thanks, SAFX

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          Jon Barnett Master

          You can do so. The Tomcat applications are then simply a remote client to JBoss. However, you lose out to issues of connection times and scaleability. You will need the JBoss client library/libraries in the Tomcat shared/lib directory to be able to connect/communicate with JBoss EJBs.

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            safx Newbie

            Yes, I understand that, but after reading a few documents regarding "collocation" of servlets and ejbs and how it helps improve performance, perhaps it is not such a good idea to separate the web and ejb containers since communication between the two would always require RMI.

            If I deploy JBoss with embedded Tomcat on the same physical server, does this achieve collocation?