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    Using sockets with JBoss

    ajames Newbie

      I have a POS (Verifone) client that needs to communicate with our JBOSS app server. The client only supports TCP/IP sockets and does not support http or other application protocols.

      What alternatives do I have in implementing a solution in JBOSS that can handle communication through TCP/IP sockets ?



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          Paul Newbie

          I don't think that JBoss has a socket listener service running within the app (I could be wrong, but I have not come across it yet).

          However, what I did was to write a small listener that was also a JBoss client. The app that would accept the socket, get the data, then call a session ejb, get the return information, and send it back down the pipe. It worked really well (don't use it any more, I make the clients use http).