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    Where is webapps ?

    sys user Master

      I am trying to use jboss-3.2.1_tomcat-4.1.24, and I dont see webapps anywhere.I understand that tomcat is embedded with in jboss, but where is actually embedded ?
      Can some one please explain ?

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          Jon Barnett Master

          Your WARs are deployed in the JBoss instance's deploy directory. You will probably run the JBoss default instance so put your WAR in server/default/deploy of the JBoss distribution. JBoss does not expand the WAR.

          That should get you started.

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            sys user Master

            Thank you.But I want to know more details to more than getting started.
            I am not sure how to organise my jsp's, servlets & other web stuff in jboss.
            Can u help ? Please

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              Paul Newbie

              You need a lot more information than a forum can/should provide. For a JSP/Servlet configuration, a JSP book was a great resource for me. Many of the JSP books use JSPs with Servlets in their examples.

              Once you feel more comfortable with the JSP/Servlet, use JBoss to activate them (which information is in the getting started guide).