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    Unknown Source

    pepazdepa Newbie

      Hi, when i deploy my ear application, and i try to access my JSP page.
      First access to the page is ok, but when i post data from FORM to the same page, it throws exception Unknown Source, when it tries to call some method.
      These exception is -
      at Telefony.beany.Osoba.UpravOsobu(Unknown Source)

      But as u can see in java files which i add, this method exist in this way. So why it cant find it?

      I have the same problem in another jsp (it cant find some method from EJB bean, but these methods are there and it doesnt throw any exception about bad JNDI, so i think that mapping is ok).

      Thx for help.

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          pepazdepa Newbie

          Please, it is very important for me to solve this problem, i need it for my last exam, but i dont understand why he found some methods and he dont find another in the same file :(
          I dont now what else i should do :/

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            Jon Barnett Master

            The null pointer exception is not actually related to the unknown source - unknown source means that the JVM could not report the line number and details about where the error occurred in the code of Telefony.beany.Osoba.UpravOsobu. It probably means it was going through introspection so doesn't have direct access to code information.

            The important error is that a null pointer exception occurred so you probably are passing a null to the method or the value you pass generates a reference to null. Maybe the datasource name is not found in JNDI by that reference, and so on.

            My network connection is flaky so someone else will have to help with the rest of this.

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              pepazdepa Newbie

              Jon thx for your time, i solve the problem!

              thx a lot