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    access JBoss EJB from Tomcat JSP

    billelmehdi Newbie

      Hi, I have still a problem with tomcat when it compile my index.jsp page.

      I have a JSP page named "index.jsp" contained in:


      and in the source I import a package named "import data.*;" ,that contain EJB "remote, home,bean" classes.

      I put the "data.jar" archive in the \lib.

      My Bean is deployed in JBOSS-3.0.7 and I access it with an other Servlet, it work perfectly.

      But when I call my "index.jsp" Tomcat can't compile this .jsp and say me that the package "import data.*" can't be found. There is an other thing to add in web.xml for example or others.

      Please if you have a solution or you had encountred the same problem explain me how to do.

      I'm waiting for any proposition.