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    JSP tags library problem in Jboss.

    venko Newbie

      Here is the problem.
      I am deploying the petsore1.1.2 reference application on jboss3.0.4
      The deployment is smooth after I made the required changes.
      When I click the category link (say Fish or Dog. Etc)
      It calls productcategory.jsp page.

      This page uses a JSP tag j2ee as
      <%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/tlds/taglib.tld" prefix="j2ee" %>

      <h3>This is a test text given in productcategory.jsp........</h3>

      <j2ee:productList numItems="4" category='<%=request.getParameter("category_id")%>'>

      If I remove the j2ee:productList tag it is working properly.
      But if I use the tag j2ee, the page is not coming.
      No errors or exceptions on the console.
      I tried following tricks
      Made a jar with all the classes for tag library and put the jar in /WEB-INF/lib

      In web.xml
      I added following lines


      Put the taglib.tld in WEB-INF and a copy of it in WEB-INF/tlds/taglib.tld

      I ensured in the target war file the required files and jars are available.
      Noting has worked.
      Any clue what is going wrong.
      Obviously the tag library classes is not found by class loader.But why and where is the problem??

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          Joe Fraser Newbie

          Sorry, I don't have the answer, but I am experiencing the same thing. It cannot find my class. I have put in it every WEB-INF subdirectory, in and out of jars. I need help to. when will Jboss get online help.

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            Paul Newbie

            I used to get occasional blank pages when I was using Jetty; switched to Tomcat and it is still working great.

            I use a simpler taglib-uri definition. For example:


            and page declarations as:
            <%@ taglib uri="clv" prefix="clv" %>

            I also include in my WEB-INF/lib directory all jar files that the tld would require. Works well for me.

            Good luck.