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    Switch from Jetty to Tomcat?

    Jeff Brown Newbie

      I am currently supporting multiple JBoss (v3.2.1)installations using Jetty. With the recent hiring announcement of Remy Maucherat I imagine JBoss's direction will be towards Tomcat instead of Jetty?

      As I do new installations, does it make sense to use Tomcat instead of Jetty? Opinions? If so, what are the differences in configuration?

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          Jon Barnett Master

          At this point, the indications are that both Jetty and Tomcat will be supported plug-ins. Tomcat is the Sun reference model for servlet container implementation and will contain most, if not all features of the spec. The cost comes at resource. Jetty is lightweight. In most applications, you may not use many of the Tomcat additionals.

          It depends on your needs. At the moment though, I'd stay with Jetty. You face no major web app migration issues to Tomcat so you can do this at your leisure. Unless you have a business need to formalise on Tomcat, of course.