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    Jeffrey Inns Newbie

      I didn't see any postings relating to this error that I'm getting. Can any help me to understand why I'm getting these warnings?

      2003-08-14 17:10:24,129 INFO [org.jboss.jbossweb] LOW ON THREADS: SocketListener@
      2003-08-14 17:10:24,380 WARN [org.jboss.jbossweb] WARNING: OUT OF THREADS: SocketListener@
      2003-08-14 17:12:39,965 WARN [org.jboss.jbossweb] WARNING: No thread for Socket[addr=/,port=3840,localport=8080]

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          Jon Barnett Master

          You are running out of available listeners to service incoming web requests for your Jetty servlet container. Try modifying/increasing the maximum number of listeners available to service HTTP 1.1 persistent connections.

          Modify server/instance/deploy/jbossweb-jetty.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml (JBoss 3.2.x or higher):

          Or an appropriate maximum. Do not change the minimum (MinThreads) to be equal to or greater than the MaxThreads value as the MinThreads value is the minimum number of free listeners, not the minimum number of listeners (according to the source code).