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    Working around jsps recompiling all the time

    Pascal Paradis-Théberge Newbie

      Under JBoss-3.2.1, by default, the JSPs recompile every time an application is redeployed or JBoss is restarted.

      Now, this is REALLY annoying when you're under development (should this really be the default behavior?) Anyway, to work around the problem I set the scratchdir parameter in jbossweb-tomcat.sar/web.xml to a fixed absolute directory which effectively prevents them from being deleted on redeploy. With one web app, it works perfectly.

      Add a second web application though and you start hitting major problems because the generated files are in the exact same place for all deployed applications. The login.jsp or index.jsp from the application that got compiled last will be used for both (or all) applications.

      Does anybody know a way around this????