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    Problem sharing jars between ejb and web module

    Deepak Hathwar Newbie


      Our company is developing a web based solution using j2ee. Until now we had only a web module. So, we simply created a myweb.war directory in the deploy directory and everything worked fine. However, recently we added an ejb module which made it necessary for us to use a EAR instead of wAR only. Due to this reason, we created an myapp.ear directory and then created a myapp_ejb.jar directory and then copied our myweb.war directory into this new ear directory. Since our ejb module needs some of the jars in the myweb.war/WEB-INF/lib directory, i added a Class-Path entry to the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file for the ejb module with all the jar files that i need. Now the problem is that the EJB module loads up fine. But, jboss complains about the shared jar files (the ones that are mentioned in the manifest file). It displays a bad classpath entry: warning for all the jar files being loaded by the ejb module. Now, our web module is not loading correctly. I have checked the application.xml file and it doesn't look like there is any problem with it. I appreciate any solution to this problem.