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    Jetty International Character Support

    nymo Newbie


      "Accordingly, Jetty 4.1 has reverted to a default encoding of ISO-8859-1." I have a site that request a .jsp page on my Jetty Webserver (the Jetty that is bundled with JBoss). The international characters I receive from them does not look very nice, I think they have coded it with UTF-8. For all other characters things are looking good.

      Is there a way to change Jettys default encoding?
      I read something about "-DISO_8859_1=UTF-8", and that it, in some way is possible to change the default encoding.

      Anyone with good tips on this? I have read the info at mortbay, and general info about UTF-8, but that did not solve my problems. It seems that I must change the encoding in some way.