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    Number of threads used - ever decrease ?

    Bruce Wilson Newbie

      I've been doing some load testing against Jetty 4.2.9 (JBoss 3.0.7) - sending HTTP requests every 50 ms. Everything was running OK for about 3 days, then I noticed a sudden increase in the number of PoolThreads (Jetty listener threads). It abruptly went from about 10 to about 97. I have MinThreads=10 and MaxThreads=100 in jboss-service.xml.

      Question: will Jetty ever relinquish some of these threads if they're not needed, or will it hang on to them forever ? If I do a thread dump with 'kill -3', I see that most of the threads are idle.

      This doesn't seem to be affecting the performance of the server at all, but I'm doing load testing and I'm sure someone among the people who will be reviewing the results will ask about the large number of threads being held.

      - Bruce