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    muliple channel sockets to multiple jboss instances

    Misak Boulatian Newbie


      I am trying to setup jk2 connector on a single apache instance to connect to muliple jboss instances running on the same machine using port-bindings.xml. Based on port-bindings.xml I have three instances having the following ports for jk2 connector: 8009, 8109, 8209. In the workers2.properties, I've created appropriate mappings (I am including as an attachment). The problem is: jk2 connects to only one port. I am not able to connect on more than one ports: whichever comes first. I am also including my jboss port-bindings.xml file which is referenced through jboss-service.xml to allow multiple instances to run (which is successful).

      version of jboss: jboss-3.2.1_tomcat-4.1.24
      version of apache: 2.0.45
      version of java: 1.4.1_03