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    Determining remote user and inrole for unprotected pages

    jgkenned Newbie

      I have recently noticed that when you have a site with both protected and
      unprotected pages that getRemoteUser returns null on the unprotected pages
      eventhough I have authenticated against a protected page. isUserInRole also
      does not work.

      Is there a way I can determine who is logged in when I access an unprotected

      To answer my own Q, I supose I could create an object and store it in the
      session then access later, but is there another way?

      Ultimately I would like to present a dynamic menu in which administrators
      see a different menu than regular joe users. The menu is part of every page
      in this case. I would simple like to hide "admin only" sections so regular
      users don't see them.

      Using JBOSS 3.2.1 with Tomcat 4.1.24. Tomcat is serving HTTP.