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    How can I set <Context...> in JBoss+Tomcat?

    xf_fong Newbie

      Because I want to use Eclipse to debug JSP.
      I followed www.objectlearn.com/support/docs/debuggingJSP.jsp instruction in Tomcat, it successed!
      But I want to do some project include EJB and JSP, so I must use JBoss+Tomact. When I turn to JBoss+Tomcat, I found the key xml is tomcat41-service.xml,but this xml file's structure is very different from standalone Tomcat's server.xml. I have tried many kind ways to add my own configuration,but failed,the web container always generate my JSP's servlet at .\work\MainEngine\localhost.
      My configuration is:

      (If add above codes into server.xml in a standalone Tomcat, Tomcat will generate a index_jsp.java in E:\Test_Debug\j2src\org\apache\jsp\. But cannot get the same result in JBoss+Tomcat! )

      Any help will be appreciated!