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    How to deploy ajax4jsf in envrionment with different webserv

    Summa Onnu Newbie

      I am using Ajax4jsf in my application which is working properly under weblogic 8.1 at my desktop.
      I get "A4j is undefined " error message when I move the same code into dev environment which contains the following infrastructure
      1.Webserver - Apache (which process javascript ,.css ,.text & image files and delegates servlet/jsp/jsf request to application server)

      2. Application Server - Weblogic 8.1(Process servlet/jsp/jsf request)

      At runtime the ajax4jsf inserts the following script tag

      </ script>
      Since this javascript file is generated at runtime in application server ,but the javascript request goes to webserver which yields to A4j undefined error.

      Could anyone help me out .

      Thanks in advance.