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    server return a blank page

    lu zhong da Newbie

      Dear friends:
      I query data with a jsp page,I use the struct framework,so I use a data access object to query data,the data access is to call a stored procedure with the jdbc api,while the execute time is very long (>40m),then the server (jboss) will return a blank page.The message from the console shows that the stored procedure is still executing.what is the problem,how can I solve it,
      thanks a lot!!

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          Jon Barnett Master

          You are probably getting a HTTP timeout. It is not good practice to keep a page connection open so long as it has a very negative impact on scalability. For large loads, this acts like a denial of service on the server, and will probably be an unusable solution for the user. You can look at the timeout setting for the web application server (servlet server) you are using to work out the timeout setting for the listener/connector. Look at the Apache Tomcat or Jetty websites, depending on your configuration to find out more about their timeout controls. You may also get a timeout on the connection from the connection pool as well.

          YMMV but I would recommend you reconsider the practicalities of this solution.