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    Unable to compile/run jsp from Jbuilder 9/JBoss 3.2.2

    chino8 Newbie

      Hi. I'm quite new with this platform, so any help will be greatly appreated.
      I'm using JBuilder 9 Enterprise Edition, together with JBoss 3.2.2 (which I think it comes with bundled tomcat web server).
      I can successfully create, deploy and run Session and Entity Beans connecting to MySQL database, with session bean methods manipulating data from entity beans.
      Now, I want to use jsp pages to handle all this, but once I create a simple jsp page, try to compile and deploy, I just can't get it done. Error msg I get is Main class is missing.
      I beleive the problem is coming from the Tomcat configuration in the configure server from JBuilder, but not sure how.
      Anyone had to go through this?