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    Configuring a Root servlet context with Tomcat in JBoss

    John Prout Newbie

      I am installing an existing J2EE application into JBoss (from Weblogic). I have the application packaged as an exploded EAR file, containing an exploded WAR.

      In the EAR's META-INFO/application.xml, I have the following:

      <display-name>Bluedot Application</display-name>



      Which I think should map "bluedot.war", the contained WAR file, to the root context, but it doesn't work. Message in the log, when I browse to the site, is:

      INFO [Engine] StandardHost[jboss.bluedot.com]: MAPPING configuration error for request URI /

      (the site name is currently jboss.bluedot.com)

      Is there anything else I need to edit to map the root context to my application?

      I'm using JBoss 3.2.2 with embedded tomcat, on LINUX.

      Thanks in advance