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    Old servlet stuck

    stiffy Newbie

      Hello everyone

      I am new to jboss, same as to servlets.

      I am doing ejbs and have little test servlet.
      I gradually adds new things to this servlet.
      And since some time old version of servlet stucks.
      I don't know where and why.
      Simply, when I build project and deploy it to jboss no changes are visible while the servlet has been changed. When I restart jboss everything is OK, changes are visible. I adds somthing new to servlet, build and redeploy this old version comes back again.
      I don't know why it is so, and why that version comes back, while there is no source for this servlet to behave as it behave. I suppose it may be cached somewhere. I don't see any other explanation.
      It drives me mad.
      But ...
      it's actually not a problem. I will create new servlet but if anyone knows what's going on, please help.

      I don't get it. I feel like throwing my computer off the roof. Argghh

      Thanx in advance


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          magius Newbie

          It's the same when I redeploy an EJB: JBoss "remembers" an old version instead of the new one just deployed and I have to restart JBoss each time. It worked in a previous installation under windows.

          I'm using JBoss 3.2.3, JDK 1.4.2_2, Suse 9.0 Pro.
          I think it's not important but I'm using too Eclipse 3.0 and Lomboz.