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    Why are the session objects lost?

    Gopalakrishnan Newbie

      Hi jboss experts:

      I am fairly new to jboss and I have the following situation. I was wondering if someone can help me out.

      1) I have a login jsp which calls a servlet to process the login information.
      2) The login servlet after processing, stores the authentication java object and other objects that the app needs in the session object.
      3) After processing is completed by the login servlet, request is forwarded to another jsp which tries to retrieve the authentication object saved in the session.

      The situation is that the retrieval of the authentication object fails. I am getting a null pointer exception.

      I have examined the following in my application.
      1) made sure that the authentication and other objects that my app needs are stored in the session by trying to retrieve it immediately after saving it in the login servlet. That works.

      It was working a couple of days ago, but, now it doesn't. I am at a loss where the session object is stored etc. I am using the default configuration.

      Thanks for your time and help,
      -- Gopal