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    Asking again: witch distribution is better

    njascanu Newbie

      Hello everybody,
      Seems to me that no one has an answer to my question. Well you folks, I'm requesting again your advice. What distribution of JBOSS 3.2.2 should I use ... the one with Jetty or the one with TOMCAT and why??? What is your choice and what is the motivation.

      When I've started working with JBoss the stable solution was Jetty. But now I'm a little bit confused. My projects runs well on both distribution and I don't know witch one to recommend.

      I realy need your opinions

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          Jon Barnett Master

          Choose whatever you are happy maintaining and working with. Tomcat has a few more features but these are mostly esoteric, but it is also a more heavyweight solution. Jetty is clean and lightweight, has a few different features (like preservation of compiled JSPs after reboot with a jetty-web.xml setting). There are performance characteristic differences but these are under heavy load. It depends on the features you need, and the performance of your application under its normal conditions. It is also about preference. I prefer Jetty because it uses less resouces. YMMV.