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    getHomeHandle Method not found

    premila Newbie

      I am using jboss-3.2.2. I have successfully deployed HelloWorldBean.
      But when I call ctx.lookup in the Client, I get a getHomeHandle Method not found exception.
      Appears I dont have some jar in my classpath.
      My current classpath has the following:
      H:\j2ee131\lib\j2ee.jarH:\proj\jboss\client\log4j.jar H:\proj\jboss\client\jboss-common-client.jar H:\proj\jboss\client\jboss-system-client.jar H:\proj\jboss\client\jnp-client.jar H:\proj\jboss\client\jboss-client.jar H:\proj\jboss\client\jbosssx-client.jar H:\proj\jboss\HelloWorld.jar

      Pl. tell me if Iam missing something