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    Tag Declaration Error?

    daniel_campelo Newbie

      There is a problem when using the same tag when defined several times in a JSP file.

      For example :
      <obj:test name="e"/>
      <obj:test id="3333"/>
      <obj:test id="1"/>
      <obj:test name="dfdfd"/>

      will generate only two instances of the class that defines the tag 'test', when it shoild declare four, one for each of the objects specified. One instance for the objects that use the name attribute, and another instance for the objects using the id attribute.
      This type of behaver is a problem when the tag attributes are chenged during the doStartTag / doEndTag / doAfterBody / doInitBody.

      Does anyone know how this problem may be resolved? Or a way of round it?

      Daniel Campelo