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    servlet engine and jboss

    shanku08 Newbie

      hi all,

      I am a very new user of jboss. to my I understanding, it seems jboss does not contain an internal servlet engine and thus needs to be coupled with tomcat. Is that so ? if so can any of u please help me with the configuration.
      One more thing , can any of u please let me know how to deploy a web application with jboss ?
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          Jon Barnett Master

          Actually, Tomcat or Jetty is usually embedded in JBoss - the servlet container is just a service module plugged into the JBoss microkernel. JBoss 3.2.x upwards has the best service module integrations, IMHO.

          Your WAR is deployed in the instance deploy directory. Usually you run the default instance and the deployment will be in JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy.