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    apache struts

    dagger Newbie

      How do I use struts with JBoss? I got a copy of struts zip files and how should I start with it?

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          Guillaume Giraud Newbie

          Hi !

          May be you could try the struts-example war found on the jakarta site: http://jakarta.apache.org/struts/faqs/eclipse.html
          (tell me if it works with you, for my war still doesn't deploy properly).
          The nice thing is it is made for eclipse that just happens to have a Jboss ide.

          There is also a eclipse plugin called EasyStruts but I tried it and it still looks pretty buggy so I did not insist.

          have fun

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            Jens Viebig Newbie

            Do you have this problem while deploying ?
            I can't get struts-example.war working with jboss 3.2.x


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              Guillaume Giraud Newbie

              I don't have the problem you mentioned.
              Mine looks stupid enough:

              [Engine] StandardContext[/struts-example]: Servlet /struts-example threw load() exception
              javax.servlet.ServletException: Error instantiating servlet class org.apache.struts.action.ActionServlet

              11:27:58,921 ERROR [Engine] ----- Root Cause -----
              java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/beanutils/Converter

              But after spending a lot of time on it I still don't understand why it doesn't find this class which is
              in the jboss/lib and server/all/lib and in the War WEB-INF/lib ...

              And also in jbossweb-tomcat41.sar:
              11:26:47,248 INFO [SARDeployer] nested deployment: file:/C:/java/jboss-3.2.2/server/all/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat41.sar/commons-beanutils.jar

              Did you have to deal with this ?


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                Jens Viebig Newbie

                i think all the problems are Classloader issues.
                You can try this:
                Date: 2003-12-04 05:27
                Sender: ejort
                Logged In: YES

                You can get the jboss-3.0.8 behaviour by changing
                UseJBossWebLoader to false in

                Or you can create your own isolated loader repository
                for each web application using a WEB-INF/jboss-web.xml
                see docs/dtd/jboss-web_3_2.dtd


                Didn't try it by myself, just compiled all my wars against the same struts version and deployment works fine now.