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    problem while deploying new classes

    akhil Newbie

      we have deployed the utility classes after bundling them inside a .war file plus jsp pages.
      Now if we want to deploy more utility classes for the as a add on on the last module web module after bundling them inside a .jar file. The same is added inside the .war file with new jsp pages.

      The problem faced is as given below:

      The import statements in the beginning of the new jsp pages throughs error related to the reference of the new .classes being added as they are not able to find the packages.
      The same work if we restart the server.

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          Juha Lindfors Master

          Your use case for hot deployment was not very clear to me from your description.

          It sounds like you might have a deployment ordering problem (classes are deployed after the first attempt to instantiate them). This type of dependency is usually easily solved with one of the several methods of ordering your deployments.