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    why multiple  .war  share the same .properties?

    firstrainbow Newbie

      I use struts+ jboss3.2.2+tomcat ,I deploy three .war in my server, each .war use the different applicationresource.properties, but I found some time one war use another war's application.properties. Why ?
      book about struts say :The resource bundles for a Struts application are loaded at startup, and each bundle is represented in memory by an instance of the org.apache.struts.util.MessageResources class (actually by its concrete subclass, PropertyMessageResources). Each MessageResources instance is stored in the ServletContext when the application is initialized and can be accessed from just about any component within the servlet container.
      from these word, I guess all the war in one container use the same instance of MessageResource class although these war use different applicationresource.properties?
      who can tell me whether I am right?
      Any reply and discussion will be appreciated!