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    production web site stops responding

    Howard Ungar Newbie

      We are running JBoss/Jetty 3.2.1 in a production application on Linux.
      Every copule of weeks the web application stops working.

      When you request the root of the web application you get a
      directory listing rather than the default web page. When you request a
      page which requires authentication it responds that the login.html page
      cannot be found.

      The server.log and request.log don't seem to have anything helpful.

      We are able to work around this by:

      1. redeploying the applicaiton
      2. restarting jboss
      3. restaring linux

      Has anyone else seen similar behavior? Is there a known bug for this?


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          micke Novice

          Yes, we had the same problem for a JBoss/Jetty 3.2.1/Lin installation. We didnt find the reason for this problem so we switched to use a JBoss/Tomcat configuration for that server.

          I did some monitoring just to check the memory consumption and execution. Couldnt really find anything abnormal. The error condition also takes some time to reproduce. I dont have any deeper knowledge in Jetty so debug tracing would take some time. My guess is that some resources are not being returned correctly to the pool.

          Please post if you find out how to work arounf this problem. It would be good to know.

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            Robert Dare Newbie

            If this is Linux, most probably your java.io.tempdir is set to /tmp, and Linux is clearing that occasionally.

            Create a new tmp dir somewhere other than /tmp

            Edit your $JBOSS_DIST/bin/run.conf file.

            Add to the JAVA_OPTS the following:


            You will have to restart JBoss, but this should fix your problem.

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              Russell Lewandowski Newbie

              -Djava.io.tempdir=/some/path/to/new/tmp has an extra 'e' in tempdir, should be -Djava.io.tmpdir=/some/path/to/new/tmp

              Thanks for the fix, works great.