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    Can't find my Servlet! - calling servlet from jsp

    aaaabell Newbie

      I'm using the directory structure and ant file from the template project that came with jboss and jboss3.0.7 - without tomcat. I've written a jsp with a form that sends to a servlet. My question: Where in my web-client.war (deployed webclient) should my servlet go and how should i call it from the jsp?

      Using :
      form method="GET" action="servlet/AddNameServlet"
      generates a 503 http error, anything else generates a 404

      and my web-client.war file looks like this:

      AddNameServlet.class (this is where the jboss template ant file puts servlet files)
      ____ jboss-web.xml
      ______ \test
      ________\interfaces (contains ejb interfaces)
      __________ AddNameServlet.class (this is where i put the servlet but still 503)

      Must be a simple answer, i just can't find it.
      Thanks for your help