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    Dispatching a request from 1 servlet to another not working

    null null Newbie

      I am using JBoss3.2 with Apache 4.1, in my application i have 2 servlets which are present in different packages.
      The web.xml file have this thing


      The above is the main servlet through where all request are handled.
      For other special servlet i have this mapping


      Also i have mapped the following in the web.xml for the Servlet1 so that it can handle the request with context as "testing"

      Servlet1 works properly and handles the request coming from the context "testing". Now supppose i want to dispatch the request on special cases to "Servlet2" from "Servlet1" how i do that, the RequestDispatcher object from the Request object is not able to identify the "Servlet2".
      Do i have to say like request.getRequestDispatcher("Servlet2"), i have tried that but doesnt works?I have also tried to add a "/" before "Servlet2"but doesnt works?

      What can be the problem?