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    reRender not working using binding

    Niels Dee Newbie

      I'm having some trouble re rendering a part of an outputPanel, i want to display some different form elements depending on the status of an order. I wrote the following code in my bean:

      private HtmlAjaxOutputPanel htmlPanelGrid = null;
       public void refresh(){
       app = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getApplication();
       htmlPanelGrid = (HtmlAjaxOutputPanel) app.createComponent(HtmlAjaxOutputPanel.COMPONENT_TYPE);
       log.info("Generating HtmlPanelGrid using ows : "+orderWorkflowStatusId);
       HtmlOutputText text;
       text = (HtmlOutputText) app.createComponent(HtmlOutputText.COMPONENT_TYPE);
       text.setValue("You are looking at alert : "+orderWorkflowStatusId);
       text = (HtmlOutputText) app.createComponent(HtmlOutputText.COMPONENT_TYPE);
       Random generator = new Random();
       text.setValue("Random value : "+generator.nextInt());
       log.info("done building HtmlPanelGrid , no of children : "+htmlPanelGrid.getChildCount());

      In my view i have commandButton which is in a rich treenode

      <a:commandLink reRender="alertDetailsPanel" value="#{item.description}">
      <f:param value="#{item.id}" name="orderWorkflowStatusId"/>

      The alertDetailsPanel is defined as :
      <a:outputPanel id="alertDetailsPanel" >
       <a:outputPanel binding="#{alertDetailsHtmlPanelGrid}"/>
       <h:outputText value="#{alertDetails.random}"/>

      The jboss log tells me the refresh() method is called when i press the link.
      12:03:46,433 INFO [AlertDetailsBean] Preparing
      12:03:46,435 INFO [AlertDetailsBean] Generating HtmlPanelGrid using ows : 2288045
      12:03:46,435 INFO [AlertDetailsBean] done building HtmlPanelGrid , no of children : 2

      When i look at the a4j log i don't see any changes in the binding values, but the random value has changed.

      <span id="alertDetailsPanel"><span id="_id73">You are looking at alert : nullRandom value : 1334727162</span><br /> 196772874</span>

      The contents of the panel with the binding do not change, it does render when i load the page.

      Is this a bug or is there something i am doing wrong ?

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          Niels Dee Newbie

          I still havent been able to fix this, i tried changing the binding to

          <h:form id="alertDetailsForm">
           <a:outputPanel binding="#{alertDetails.htmlPanelGrid}" />
           <h:outputText value="#{alertDetails.random}" />

          This works, but i noticed the following

          11:38:16,672 INFO [AlertDetailsBean] setHtmlPanelGrid called
          11:38:17,479 INFO [AlertDetailsBean] Generating HtmlPanelGrid using ows : 2288481
          11:38:17,480 INFO [AlertDetailsBean] done building HtmlPanelGrid , no of children : 2

          The panelgrid gets set , but after updating the grid the getter isn't called.
          If i load the entire page i see :

          11:37:15,486 INFO [AlertDetailsBean] getHtmlPanelGrid called

          So the getter is only called when the page is rendered, not after a ajax request.

          Is this normal behavior ?