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    Documentation about setup

    Yaakov Chaikin Newbie


      "ypfamily" wrote:

      I am confused...

      I've dealt with Weblogic 8.1, dealt with Tomcat 5.x. Both (even though Tomcat is free) have docs that explain to you step by step how-tos.

      Which xml file do I need to edit to do this or that and what the attributes are and what they mean.

      So, naturally, I thought that if I get documentation for JBoss 3.x, I'd get the same... Well, I looked through the table of contents and I don't see anything about how to set up JBoss with Tomcat to run my web apps. Where do I put the context.xml file? Where do I drop my war files?

      So, at this point, I don't know if I should be that documentation or not. If it's not going to tell me how to deploy web application on JBoss, then I really don't need it at this point.

      Is there any normal Tomcat style how-tos available anywhere? For starters with JBoss, I just want to get my existing apps to work on JBoss. Then, I can start messing with JBoss's EJBs and so on.

      Is there any documentation that is dedicated to explaining how to deploy web applications on JBoss?

      Any ideas or direction would be really appreciated.