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    JBoss ear-file and Apache

    H. Gøttig Newbie

      Hi forum

      Maybe this question has been asked a thousand times but I can't find (the right) answer to it..

      I have a running JBoss 3.2.3 (using Tomcat as web container) and a application deployed as a single ear file, including images, CSS, Javascript, everything..
      Now I want to front JBoss with Apache and actually got things working, but....
      How do I reference "usual stuff" like CSS, images, javascript, etc ?
      As my setup is right now Apache can't find these files, because it (or rather I) can't tell the location where JBoss actually unpacked the ear-file.

      The usual way of telling Apache where to find this info is through aliases, but aliases to what...I don't know the exact location.

      Someone has a tip?

      Best regards