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    Problems with Custom Tag (taglib)

    Ualter Junior Newbie

      I'm trying to use custom tags at my jsps with jboss 3.2.3 (that uses tomcat 4.1.29), I've already checked out all things in many places about the follow error:

      javax.servlet.ServletException: javax/servlet/jsp/JspContext

      I've checked the path of the tld and it's correct, because I even start to debug using Eclipse and JBoss-IDE, but it's seems that the problem starts when in the method doStartTag() I use the follow code:

      PageContext pc = null;
       pc = this.pageContext;

      And anything goes wrong when I call the method getOut() of the class, when I don't use it anything goes well, what it's happening, what's the problem ?
      I need to use the method getOut but that's no way up to now, someone can help me ?!?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Ualter Junior Newbie

          Ok, I've alredy found the cause.

          I'm using Eclipse to build my application, and the Eclipse is pointing to J2EE version 1.4 (that's in my computer) for the compilation of the Servlets and TagHandlers.

          But, I'm using Tomcat 4.1.29, or JBoss 3.2.3 to test the application, and these version aren't compatible with version 1.4 of J2EE, they are compatible with version 1.3

          In J2EE 1.3 there's no class called JspContext just in the J2EE 1.4

          That's all confusion.
          That's was my fault, sorry.