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    Are Tomcat servlets a bottleneck running in front of JBoss E

    svedloff Newbie

      In a high-load environment, can Tomcat servlets become a bottleneck running in front of EJBs that reside within JBoss? Since the JBoss EJB server acts as a TP monitor, theoretically it can support many concurrent connections/EJB calls at the same time. However, the Tomcat servlet engine, if it was running in front of the EJB server, could become a potential bottleneck, since I do not believe that the servlet engine is designed like a TP monitor. Therefore, many concurrent calls could potentially be slowed down by the servlet engine, negating performance advantages of using EJBs.

      If you , would running the servlets on a web tier of servers calling the EJB server give better EJB performance and throughput? (disregarding the overhead of serialization/de-serialzation with RMI and the lowering of overhead by running servlets in a web server tier)

      Is this concern reasonable?